Recommended: Initial Elevate Tasks

A lot of our clients like us to recommend how to get the most benefit out of their technology and that is not limited to non-Innovative Concepts services. As such, if you are new to Elevate, follow these steps as a good starting point:

Elevate on your computer


Access settings by clicking the icon in the lower-left corner that has your initials in it.
(You can change this to your picture inside of settings)

In Integrations, activate Outlook and download/install the Chrome extension to allow you to click-to-dial phone numbers

In Voicemail Settings, make sure that “Create Transcription” is checked. Currently, your account should be configured to email you any voicemail but most of our customers disable this after using the system for a couple of days because they realize all voicemails are already in the Elevate app on their computer and on their mobile. You can also click the microphone to record a new greeting.

In Application Settings, you can switch between using Elevate as a softphone or as a call controller which will make any call triggered on your computer to take place on your desk phone. Also, the receptionist view is helpful to see all your fellow employees at a glance. Always remember to use search instead of trying to find something.

The dotted-square icon

This is where you can manually dial a phone inside of Elevate. If you install Elevate on your mobile, your contacts will also be listed here so use search.

If you see a fellow employee listed, you can tell if they are on the phone by the red or green dot next to their icon.

Tape Recorder icon

Your voicemails will appear here

Clock icon

Your call log will appear here

Folder icon

This is a way to share files with people. Jesus and I will evaluate this before you should use this.

Video icon

Think of this as your own person Zoom. Feel free to edit your meeting URL to something you can remember. I use my name.

You can send the meeting info via email or copy it. People can connect using video/audio from their computer, use the video on their computer and call in using their phone, or just call in using voice only (no video).

Chat icon

Chat with your fellow employees (and see if they are on the phone) here.

BTW – You can also send a standard text message (SMS) to anyone’s cell phone

Elevate on your mobile phone

Install the Elevate UC app from your phone’s app store. You will be able to receive calls sent to your extension and make calls using the primary caller-ID for your office.

Click the gear in the upper-right corner to go to settings. Here you can launch an Online Meeting and access ShareSync (the folder). Additionally, you can set up Silent Mode which will prevent your mobile phone from ringing at off-hours (if this does not appear on your iPhones right now, use log out instead).

Call flip is a feature where you can “flip” a call between app/devices. For example, you can be on a call using your desktop phone and choose flip from the More menu which will ring your Elevate app on your phone. You can also flip the other direction. The person you are talking to will hear hold music while the call is flipped.

While on a call, the microphone icon will mute, the next icon that has arrows pointing toward each other is call flip, the pause icon will put them on hold, the plus will add another call. You can also transfer a call or park it.

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