Getting Started

The process to get icVOIP configured for your business can be described as four distinct steps:

  • Define Users and Extensions
  • Define Groups and the Auto Attendant
  • Setup Phones
  • Port Any Phone Numbers

As always, Innovative Concepts staff will be with you the entire time

First Step: Gather Information

Fill out the icVOIP Configuration Questionnaire.

This Quetionaire will provide us with enough infomation to create all of your users and assign each of them a unique extension. It will also tell us how your Auto Attendant should be structured and which group should ring when an option is pressed.

Second Step: Auto Attendant

Once the Auto Attendant has been created, have someone in your office record an outgoing greeting that informs the caller of their options. This will be played if the receptionist(s) were not able to answer the call.

We also need a recording that will be played outside of your business hours. Generally, the only difference is this one starts off saying, “You have reached us outside of our normal business hours” or “We are currently closed”.

Remember, your Auto Attendant can be configured any way you desire. You can even set up a specific Auto Attendant for any specific date or holiday in the future.

Third Step: Setup Phones

Once your phones arrive, simply plug them into power and Ethernet at their intended location. Innovative Concepts will need to know the Mac Address that is found on a sticker underneath the phone to assign it to a specific user. Other than that, they are ready to go.

Fourth Step: Phone Numbers

Once the hardware has arrived, we can begin porting your existing phone numbers to icVOIP. If your current phone provider allows, ask them to forward your primary business line to icVOIP so you can use your new system immediately. Of course, Innovative Concepts will be with you to help.

What’s Next?

Enjoy your new phone system