Lonny Rollins

Send a fax

In order to send a fax, you must have previously installed the fax printer or you may sign in to our online WebFax . If you have already installed the fax printer, simply print to the printer named “Upload New Fax”. You will be given the opportunity to enter one or more fax numbers to send

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Install the fax printer

You may install the fax printer driver on your work computer which will allow you to easily send a fax from any application. Just download the print driver and install it. When it asks for a phone number, enter the fax number you wish to send your faxes from and its PIN. If you forgot the PIN,

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Getting Help

This site contains general guidelines on how to use icVOIP and is most helpful if you are considering moving to this system or are new to it. If you already have icVOIP and are looking for a specific topic, search our icVOIP knowledgebase at http://help.icVOIP.info.

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Polycom Buttons

The 3 buttons to the left of the number keypad will put the caller on hold, transfer a call, and check your voicemail. The 3 buttons to the right of the number keypad will mute the caller. You can also answer a call directly to an installed headset or to the speakerphone or initiate a

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